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Creation from the past

Talismanic art was originally considered a discipline of chinese medecine. These small objects or protective calligraphies in many different forms were considered influencial over the psycho-spiritual state and health of the individuel; they were even created and prescribed by the doctors of the "Great Medical College" with the goal of preserving health and prolonging life. At the begining of XXth century, this discipline, though codified  by precise rules and rituals was deemed too esoteric and was dropped by the traditional corps of medecine. Meyling Ho, chinese therapist-artist living in Paris, has today elevated the tradition to the needs of her contempories.


.....and nowadays


Inspired by ancestral methods from her country of origin, matured by her own experiences and research, Meyling Ho's art draws its forms and references from Asia, Africa and Oceania. Beyond this apparent cultural mixture, her therapeutic and artistic creations combine not only chamanism, traditional Chinese medicine, lithotherapy, and artwork but psychotherapy as well. Inspired by its own era, witness to ways and waves of conciousness wich caught up with the West, this method is drawn from many sources and is aimed at adapting to all contemporary needs and requirements. Kalhous or any others art creation can also be personalised and "made to measure" in order to fulfill a wish, a desire, a potential, or to take on forms wich address and are sensitive to thoughts of the bearer


Creation from the past

Artalismans - Juillet 2005