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In the organic virtues of Kalhous spring from nature and the colours of the elements of which they are composed, their efficiency on a "supernatural" level are the product of "magical" rites. A talisman (from Greek "telesma" meaning rite) is, infact, an oject subjected to ritual and, according to the pratical Taoist doctrines referred to by Meyling HO, this ritual consists of precise magic formulae which energise the amulet. More important still, perhaps, the mental and spiritual process surrounding the creatuon of a talisman. In the same way that the art of calligraphy needs meditation and concentation before letting the hand proceed with an action, Chinese talismanic art demands an important psychic preparation which leads to, among other objectives, the visualisation of the "Ideas" to be materialised. In some cases the initial intention of the creator is essential but the talismanic artist must endow this intention with a state of benevolent neutrality in accordance with her function as a therapist.

> Les éléments

In western tradition, it is a matter of four elements - Fire, water, air and earth -; Chine thought speaks about five elments - wood, fire, earth, metal andwater - what is it axactly?

Chine medicine speaks abouts 5 elements because the figure 5 is the figure of incarnation, what tradition calls the Subsequent Sky.

Air (or rather Aether) "materializes" by parting and becomes two: matal and wood that is the space time.

In fact, the 5 elements are the 5 "movements"; elements being a wrong translation. Movement is generative of evolution while all that is congealed dies.

The principle threfore these "5elements in movement" is to balance, and to circulate energy that is to create Life.


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