galerie de bijoux en pierres semi-prcieuses (lapis lazuli, quartz,turquoise...),de cramique maille ou raku, de verre thermoform ou souffl, de pte de verre, de photos ou de calligraphies... Infos Contact
L'lment mtal correspond dans les quatre lments occidentaux  l'air. L'air tant incarn dans la matire devient espace-temps. L'lment mtal pourrait tre l'espace de cet espace-temps
Les minraux, les pierres prieuses ou semi-prcieuses servant aux bijoux, grigri, talismans permettent de rquilibrer une personne en manque dnergie, de vitalit, de concentration, de libido, de confiance

Dans la mdecine traditionnelle chinoise, les cinq lments tiennent une place fondatrice, tout comme le yin et le yang. Ce sont le bois, le feu, la terre, le mtal et l'eau. Ces lments permettent de rquilibrer, d'harmoniser les nergies, Ici trois images de bois sont reprsentes et une de l'lment mtal (dunes de roche). Le bois correspond au printemps,  la crativit,  l'nergie ascendante, au rveil et dmarage



Meeting with Meyling Ho, a singular and plurial women...

"My actual starting point tends less to art remidying the negative than cultivating and developinng the positive. Helping people understand and to leave behind their ill feelings was my first objective. She confess that in the begining her artistic incantation, in the case, pictorial, where ditacted by the demands of close friends who were really in need of help. Nevertheless, this experience showed me that only a few people would call on their non-conventional therapists to try to correct a state of ill-being. Usually, it is the people who are sufficiently open and dispose to accept liking such ill-being to  a psychological are spiritual type of dimension, but these individuals belong to a very limited group. Yet I would like to contribute to a far larger movement towards harmonisation and be a greater help to people. To bring increased well-being to individuals is also make them more sensitive to the environment and to the ecology of the planet.Futhermore, the spiritual potential exists in each of us including those that ignore or can't imagine the need to take care of this dimension of their being. I believe that my creation are sufficiently light and decorative to reach these people, without diminishing their insouciance, and without seeking to overturn their belief systems. The search of happiness is sufficient and this positive desire for well-being appears inscribed in each of us, like an innate quality. It's precisely this capacity to open up that my work seeks to touch and develop."

"I concieve my creations as being sacred and I allocated them a specific energetic impulse but they can still be perceived simply as good-luck charms, decorative or everyday objects without loosing their effectiveness."

Increasing awareness of other cultures and their artifacts help Meyling HO to realize all the similarities and differnces, and the fact that WE have nomore in common than WE believe. That's also wha t she noticed about tradition and "modern world".

"It is the resonance between that artwork and the profound resources wich exist in each of us that make the talisman act simply by it's presence."

des bijou-talismans, des dessins grigri, des healing pictures, des cramiques pour honorer chaque jour ou des sculptures nergtiques pour toutes les occasions: mariage, anniversaire, fte, dpart en retraite
Talisman for what?
Des bijoux porte-bonheur, des calligraphies symboles, des pierres nergtiques, des objets feng shui, tout cela s'adresse  tout le monde; du nourrisson qui a besoin de dormir aux personnes du 4me age qui voudraient se sentir moins angoiss, en passant par l'tudiant qui voudrait russir son examen, et la femme stresse par sa vie professionnelle et familiale
Talisman for whom

Artalismans - Juillet 2005 - aot 2007